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    2Y-Biopharma, Ltd.
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Since establishment in 2003, 2Y-Chem has successfully performed technology transfer and scale up for more than 60 projects, covering scales from pilot scale to commercial production.

Under the strategic partnership, 2Y-Chem's cGMP facilities can produce the APIs, advanced intermediates and regulatory starting materials, meeting requirements for preclinical, clinical or commercial manufacturing.

Technology Transfer & Scale up Services

  • ·Seamless technology transfer with lead chemists on site
  • ·Tech package transfer to overseas customers
    ·Supply of cGMP APIs, advanced intermediates and regulatory starting
        materials for preclinical, clinical or commercial manufacturing
    ·Production safety assessment and green chemistry applications
  • ·Technical problem solving for scale up
  • ·Project management

Process Technology  and Application Platforms

  • ·Chiral Chemistry
  • ·Kinetic resolution
  • ·Chiral pool
  • ·Asymmetric synthesis/ prochiral substrates
  • ·Phase transfer catalysis
  • ·Transition metal catalyzed reactions
  • ·Green chemistry approaches
  • ·E-factor evluation
  • ·Atom economy
  • ·Use environmental friendly solvents like water, acetate and alcohol;
  •     Limit use of DCM, toluene, DMF, DMSO and NMP.